Chapter 1: An Unfolding Truth

The Mystics are long gone and are just of legend now. They fall in the same legends of creatures called "Seru". Legaia is a new world, but with no real changes to technology. Where do you fit in?
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Chapter 1: An Unfolding Truth

Post by K73SK » Sun May 07, 2017 8:47 pm

* All posts should be no more than 5 minute intervals within the world. This gives the chance for players.
- The exception to this is if you want to travel from one city to another. Instead of 5 minute intervals, you must wait for 5 other posts (NOT including yours) to be made, or wait 2 days (whichever of those is sooner), to arrive at the new city. You can post like normal between these two restrictions, but it must be "traveling" to the other city or something related to it. pitstops (e.g. villages or something) are OK.
* No double posting unless it's been after 3 days. If no one posts after 3 days, feel free to continue your journey. If someone posts immediately after you, feel free to post. However, be mindful of other players. It wouldn't be fair for two players to somehow advance 10 days into the game by going crazy with posts, and then another couple of players only advance 10 minutes.
* As for choices, anything goes, really. This is in the future of Legaia, and way beyond what the games have gone through. But it takes place in the same universe, where everything's connected. The only rule I ask: Leave technology no later than what's described in the backstory. No phones, no planes, etc. It either must have been in one of the Legaia games, or predate the first automobile in Earth-terms.
* Leave all comments above your post and separate it with a quote block (like these rules and the backstory).
It's been over 2 millennia since the world of Legaia had seen any "Mystics", a being that are believed to have controlled the nature of the world. The Mystic Wars are long gone, and Legaians have spread across the world, advancing in technology, with the newest invention being a machine that can travel across the land on 4 wheels without the necessity of a horse or any other creature. The worlds have all been connected, where people now know of the mysterious "Sebucus Islands" all the way from cities like Darakin and Nohl (a now large city that's expanded into the mountains and been built into Hunter's Wood). It's thought that the whole world is now known...
Klesk was simply trying to travel to Drokonia to study some ancient artifacts, believed to have been part of the Mystics era. Although everyone called him a fool for believing such things may have existed, he was stubborn enough to try and find proof that they were more than just a legend. Unfortunately, a storm caught him off guard and he got drifted off to the west. No one's ever gone west... The reason being that all who went west would always die at sea. No one ever returned. The only things ever found from people going west were left over wood scraps or bodies floating on shore, which was even a rare case. Klesk was quite frightened that this could be the end. He would never be able to go back to his home, Tanza... Couldn't go back to his loving wife and daughter to enjoy sharing his studies with them. He even planned on a vacation to Sol, a far-away city from the islands. But that may have to wait, assuming he could even make it back.

Klesk was lucky enough to survive the storm... But now, he was drifting off in the sea without any sense of direction. There were nothing but clouds, so the stars were hidden. There was no land in sight. His only hopes was to keep watching for land.
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