Legaia 2 Debugged

Anything you would like to share or ask about hacking Legaia 2
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Legaia 2 Debugged

Post by dharthoorn » Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:08 am

The last few weeks of my life have been spent taking apart Legaia 2 using Cheat engine and PCSX2 Playstation 2 emulator. I took some basic stuff from Codetwink, like item ID's and converted them back to raw addresses. The rest in the tables is all my own for the community to enjoy, spread around and generally just to have fun with.

To be able to use any of what I will be posting here, you will need both PCSX2 and Cheat Engine, and of course a backup Game ISO image of the actual game.
You will need some very basic computer knowledge to operate both these programs. The PCSX2 and Cheat Engine forum are your friend.

What you can do with this;
1. Modify stats and abilities of your party
2. Add/modify Items
3. Modify party members (even Avalon is playable -kinda)
4. View/change Monster stats
5. View/change affinities (no idea what it's used for)
6. Custom making any combination of accessory with any skill you like. (Gets OP quickly!)
7. Experiment with all sorts of game flags (I abandoned that because it breaks the game easily)
8. Modify lots of other minor stuff, see for yourself

Stuff I tried;
1. I tried hacking Minigame data on the fly and it's possible, but the memory is dynamic so no fixed addresses to mess with.
2. Modifying character sprites locks the game up.
3. As i said before, undoing some game progress flags (like Guild Missions) breaks the game easily. I do not understand the exact order and mechanics of the flags. It would require a lot of observing and experimentation to get it right so in the end I decided life is too short.
4. Character teleportation (modding X/Y Location) made me fall through floors and just placed me back at entry map point so I gave up on that.

There's 2 .CT (Cheat Engine) files:
Legaia2DualSaga.CT --- is the main file. Be sure to click "Table Extras" in the bottom right for Item/Skill ID#'s.
Legaia2DualSaga Items.CT --- is the file for item slots and qty. I separated them because the sheer amount of codes in here slowed my (re)sorting to a crawl.

Because I cannot upload directly I have used my Google Drive. Click the above links and Save the files as .CT files.

Well, hopefully people will have as much fun with it as I have. Feel free to leave a comment or request and I will do my best to answer or oblige.


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Re: Legaia 2 Debugged

Post by xTrance » Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:30 pm

Thank you so much for doing this!

Can you see what CHR does for real? I don't trust the current ideas.

Also, I've been curious affection values for Sharon, Maya, and Nancy. Are there any special cutscenes that can be viewed? I know of the one in camp with Maya where Lang and Maya discuss living at various possible places. Sharon has one where she asks Lang to become a pirate with her in camp. Nancy has her scene where she asks Lang if she can go with him. What makes these scenes occur? Are there any other scenes past those? Any special endings based on affection?

Thank you for your work, I had always hoped someone would hack this game.

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