Adding Art Element Types for Maya

Ideas that are accepted and/or in the state of "work in progress."
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Adding Art Element Types for Maya

Post by xTrance » Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:01 pm

Something like this, for instance:

URR Ice Flow (Water)
LDL Inferno (Fire)
RUL Thunderhead (Lightning)
DDU Dark Disaster (Dark)
LUR Blind Fury (Light) Can Blind Opponent
RLU Windblade (Wind)
DRD Bedrock Buster (Earth)
LLLD Magma Mayhem (Fire)
RDUR Aqua Spear (Water)
LUUL Nova Heat (Fire)
RRDD Ice Pyre (Water)
RUD Toxic Cloud SUPER (Wind) Can Poison Opponent
DDLL Ballistic Light SUPER (Light) Can Blind Opponent
UURU Blizzard Blast SUPER (Water)
URUR Spirit Storm SUPER (Dark)
LLRL Skysplitter SUPER (Lightning)
DUDD Gravity Crush SUPER (Earth)
DLLLR Meteor Storm SUPER (Fire)
DURL Big Bang HYPER (Light)
UUUU Raging Sky HYPER (Lightning)
RRRR Absolute Zero HYPER (Water)
DDDD Dust to Dust HYPER (Earth)
LLLLL Dancing Flames HYPER (Fire)
DULRDD Nether Gate HYPER (Dark)
RLLUDR Pyro Fury VARIABLE (A) (Fire)
LRDULR Shockwave VARIABLE (B) (Light)
DURDULD Forbidden Rite MYSTIC (Light)

Taken from ... faqs/19496

Some of these are implied in the name, but some of them are somewhat ambiguous, such as Spirit Storm, Gravity Crush, Toxic Cloud.

Also, I would suggest adding elemental types of all of the monsters in the game if possible.