The Darakin Sewers: Have I screwed up my game?

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The Darakin Sewers: Have I screwed up my game?

Post by silversouleater » Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:58 pm

I am on my first playthrough of the Darakin sewers and have picked up the yellow key. However, I seem to be having issues getting to the yellow gate; upon running through the sewer system again I realized that there was a metal door that I had forgotten to unlock and now I seem to be confined to a few small sections of the sewers: the beginning area controlled by the red sluice gate and the stretch of canal that leads to some dead ends and the room where the yellow key was found.

Was that door I forgot to unlock the key to completing the sewer puzzle? Do I have start a new game now? '
I gotta tell ya, that would really suck.

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Re: The Darakin Sewers: Have I screwed up my game?

Post by K73SK » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:18 pm

Sorry for the super late response and I take it you've already gotten past this or restarted and caught up already lol. Planning to do some zombie stuff to these forums to bring some life back to it again if I can so this don't happen again for the fans :P

As far as I know, you shouldn't be able to get permanently stuck in the sewers. Unless you ran into some odd glitch. Did you figure this out? If so, wanna share? :D
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Re: The Darakin Sewers: Have I screwed up my game?

Post by Raven » Tue May 03, 2022 9:52 am

I know I'm even later, but logically speaking, it should be impossible to actually get stuck down there, because whatever lever you pull that blocks access to other areas is a lever you can still pull from where you are.

Unless of course, there's a ledge you jump that leaves you stuck, but I don't think those exist.
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