RPG REQUEST: "Dark Matters"

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RPG REQUEST: "Dark Matters"

Post by K73SK » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:17 pm

A request has been put in for a new RPG to be made for the forums. We need at least 5 votes to say "YES" for the RPG to be in effect. By the time 5 "Yes" have been applied, there cannot be more "NO" than the "YES" vote or else it's declined. REMEMBER TO ONLY VOTE YES IF YOU INTEND ON PARTICIPATING

In other words, for this RPG to be accepted:
1.) At least 5 votes must be said to "YES"
2.) There cannot be more "NO" votes than "YES" votes by the time the votes have met a total of 5 "YES" votes.
This would be a casual shared RP where all players generally control their personal character and any closely associated characters. The narrative follows a group of supervillains living under one roof, trying to fit in with society and keep their true nature hidden from the outside. Taking some inspiration from such sources as Aqua Teens and Justice Friends, this is going to be more of a parody about dysfunctional and/or unmotivated villains who rarely actually accomplish anything and give each other a hard time.
Players are basically shared authors of the story and may change almost anything imaginable about anything they have control over. The main two elements a player doesn't have control over are other player's characters and the general setting of the story. The general setting should be changed as a group decision OOC, as this will affect all players.

Controlling another person's character is generally off limits. This would include such things as speaking for a group of characters to include another players. Certain actions being taken like "Smears Bob's face with apple pie" even imply that 'Bob' did nothing during this event. This sort of RP will be tolerated in moderation, but should not be done during any significant event. "Stabs Bob in the face with knife" for example, would not be tolerated. Instead, such a statement as "Lunged at Bob with knife" would be more appropriate, as it would allow 'Bob' to react.

Arrangements can be made between players, or even characters, that would allow another player greater say over other player's characters during certain situations. One example would include an employer/employee relationship where the employer character might be expected to lead the employees somewhere without explicit statement that the employee character followed.

The above applies to supporting characters introduced by a player in close association with their primary character. Bob's mom, for example, shouldn't be controlled by anyone other than Bob's player. This is because Bob's player might have a greater purpose imagined for this character later in the story that might be compromised by another player taking over. Bob's mom should be distinguished when being introduced, which will indicate the importance.

Minor Characters can be introduced and control can be shared among all involved. For example, Bob's player introduces the mailman casually. It should be intuitive that this character doesn't have close association with Bob and is free for any player to control.

In the event of a player's absence delaying the progression of the story by two days or more, the other players may decide among themselves how the story will continue and may temporarily take control of the player's characters.

Posts have no length requirements.

A list of characters (and supporting characters), a description, and their respective players will be kept. There will be no profiles required, players are only required to provide a "description" of the character. A description may range from one sentence to a full page profile, at the player's discretion.
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Re: RPG REQUEST: "Dark Matters"

Post by IronJustice » Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:26 pm

K7 gets to participate
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