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New "Poll" 05/21/2017 - New Website Definition of Done

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 11:35 am
by K73SK
What would you consider to be the definition of "done" for the new website? There's not really a poll for this, I just wanted to hear some opinions. The point is to find out when I should consider it 'done' for publishing - although I will still heavily be working on finishing all the things that aren't complete on the Trello board.

For example, I would be OK with having it be defined as "done" if:
- Users could log in to the website and data be synced between the forums and the site
- The 'game pages' are all complete with details
- Donations work properly and the website is fully mobile-compatible
- Users can interact with the website via comments, report buttons, and admins can add/edit/delete pages

Some others may say:
- Dungeons & Seru (new name) must be complete as well
- Clans pages must be done
- Should be able to have a profile that I can completely go crazy with editing
- other reasons

So lemme know what you all think. How "far" would you want it to be before you consider it complete and want to see it published?

As a reminder, the trello board can be seen here:
And the new website as I update it, I publish it to here: