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About the site

Thank you, to all those true fans of Legaia, who are believing in the game and wanting to really see a continuation in this game. In reality, Legaia is an extremely great game, whether it was truly popular or not. The story line for both games were fantastic, even though they did seem to be in split universes. The additional mini-games presented kept the game addicting, along with the intense replay value that both games had to offer. This site is about getting back together with our past of playing the Legaia games and simply discussing it. No one on our site as affiliated with the original Legaia staff and there are no intentions of *us* creating a continuation of the game due to mostly financial issues. The site will be maintained mostly through donations. And yes, every single picture taken from in-game is done by the creator of the site, not from other sites or strategy guides (unless captioned and credited for it below the image). And, let us tell you - It's time consuming!

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